Man-Man and the Tree of Memories 

by Yaba Badoe

Available 12 October 2023

Set in contemporary Notting Hill, Man-man and his friends are swept up in the exuberant preparations for carnival. But his mother is ill and even as he dances, he calls desperately to the Queen of Revels, as old as time to make her well again.

Swept away with his best friend Kareem and sharp-tongued sister Panama, to a place in between, the Queen of Revels plunges Man-man into Africa’s past and reveals his family’s heritage. As they gather around the sacred Tree of Memories, he witnesses many slaves, captives whose pain and anguish and longing is held by the tree. Man-man understands how this is draining his mother and how he must help her back to the freedom stolen from his ancestors.

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Lionheart Girl is deeply atmospheric, stunningly original, and sizzling with ancient myth and magic. Utterly unmissable’ 

Sophie Anderson, author of The Castle of Tangled Magic

‘Unlike anything I’ve ever read. Mythical, vivid, unsettling and utterly page-turning, Lionheart Girl explores bonds of blood, friendship and the power of being true to yourself. Both unique and brilliant’ 

Ele Fountain, author of Melt

‘Fierce and thrilling, Lionheart Girl delivers on the promise of Badoe’s debut, and then some. I loved this original, lyrical, dark fable’ 

Kiran Millwood Hargrave, author of A Secret of Birds and Bone

‘This is a magical tale, one that I loved … Yaba’s writing is a rich feast to be savoured. Filled with unforgettable images that leave you breathless, it is about the strength of love’ 

Sally Gardner, author of Invisible in a Bright Light

‘Vividly imaginative, brave, passionate and original heroine. A different kind of magical adventure that draws on West African myth for a story of universal interest’ 

Amanda Craig, author of The Golden Rule

‘Loved it! Yaba’s best so far – a wonderful tale of magic and family’

Cat Johnson

‘Myth, magic and superstition course through this dark and mesmerising novel of witchcraft, family and coming of age. I loved both A Jigsaw of Fire and Stars and Wolf Light, but this is Badoe’s best YA novel yet’ 

Fiona Noble, The Bookseller