Shortlisted for the Bristol Teen Book Award, 2020

A leopard dances under the moon. 
A wolf prowls. 
A red-beaked bird flies free. 

Three girls born on the same day in wolf light are bound together to protect the world. They can dazzle or destroy. They have wind-song and fire-fury at their fingertips, but their enemies are everywhere

From the bleak steppes to the tropical forests of Ghana and the stormy moors of Cornwall, the lands they love are plundered and poisoned. The girls must rally to perfect their skills and prove the strength of sister-magic

Steeped in elemental myth, Wolf Light is a call to us all to hear the ancient power within us and conserve our heritage. 

‘She weaves ancient storytelling magic into words of exceptional beauty … Everyone should read Badoe’ 

Sophie Anderson, author of The House with Chicken Legs

‘Unlike anything I’ve ever read. Mythical, vivid, unsettling and utterly page-turning, Lionheart ‘Another dazzling magic-realist adventure, with powerful messages of feminism and environmentalism’

The Bookseller

‘Elemental myth and magic are the beating heart of Wolf Light … Fans of magical realism and powerful women will find much to admire’ 


‘The writing was simply stunning. Yaba Badoe has a way of writing in such a beautiful, poetic style that readers can’t help but be drawn into the story she is telling … A beautifully written, poetic piece of fiction all about sisterhood, friendship and trying to do your best for the environment no matter what’


‘This book is told in beautiful, lyrical prose that swept me away … This book has great diverse representation and shows three girls standing up for what they believe in. This novel doesn’t lament what we have lost as much as teach us to stand up and fight for what remains’

Midnight Book Girl